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At Great Western, we put heart and dedication into brewing the highest quality beers possible for Western Canadians and the activities they enjoy. Made with the finest two-row prairie barley, and extra-aged to be extra smooth, you’ll find a well balanced, exceptionally refreshing taste in every ice-cold Great Western beer. Employee-founded, proudly independent, and dedicated to you.


4% alc./vol

Great Western Light delivers the kind of smoothness and refreshment you’d expect from a regular lager, in a light beer. Extra-aged and brewed with premium Prairie barely, it makes for an easy-to-drink, smooth, clean taste while offering beer drinkers a lighter way to enjoy their lager.


5% alc./vol

Brewed with the choicest two-row Prairie barley, Great Western Lager is a blend of the premium hops and pure Canadian water. It’s an easy-drinking, refreshing and smooth medium-bodied lager, extra aged for a smooth, unrivalled taste.


5% alc./vol

Great Western Pilsner is a refreshing pilsner beer, with just the right amount of pilsner character. It’s brewed with the finest two-row prairie barely, a unique blend of hops, pure Canadian water, and an extra-aging process that delivers a smooth, refreshing and well-balanced taste.

Pilsner Light

4% alc./vol

Great Western Pilsner Light is a nod to Western Canadian Pilsner drinkers who want true Pilsner taste in a light beer. Brewed with prairie barley, a custom blend of the finest hops, and pure Canadian water, the result is a crisp, refreshing, and light pilsner beer that is carefully extra-aged for a consistently crisp, smooth taste.

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"You deserve a monument made in your honor, since you love beer so much."

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Our beer plays background to activities that are uniquely Western Canadian. Experiences where words like genuine, hard working, reliable, authentic, friendly, and neighbourly are often used to describe them.

Great Western Beer is the ideal beer to celebrate the like-minded qualities that beer drinkers in Western Canada value. In fact, we’re dedicated to making the best beer we possibly can so you can pass along this dedication to someone who deserves it.

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The Brewery

Great Western Brewing Company is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Since 1989, Great Western Brewing has been employee founded, proudly independent, and dedicated to you. Hard working and steeped in Western Canadian values, Great Western Brewing is backed by the legacy of its original 16 founders. It was those 16 founders who pledged to keep the Great Western Brewing Company alive and set the foundation for the values we still uphold today: excellence, authenticity, teamwork, and of course, an unwavering commitment to brewing the best beer possible.

Today, that dedication holds true with the employees that call Great Western Brewing, “home”. It’s where award-winning beers are made with heart in the very place they were meant to be enjoyed- right here in Western Canada.

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